Here are the some of the testimonials received from patients of the Reading Chiropractor.


I have been going to David Woodhouse 'The Reading Chiropractor' for many years. I am an electrician and due to my work I spend many hours working from steps, or crawling into small  spaces which does not do my back any good or neck any good. Thankfully after a visit to David he puts  my body back to into its right place.He has given me exercises to do to help out my problems , but when all is going well one forgets to keep them up.


I have recommended him to other tradesmen that I meet, who also have sufferer similar back problems caused  carrying out there work. Over the years I have tried several chiropractors, and have found David's treatment sorts the problem out for me. I am often amazed when going to see him all painful and stiff the difference I feel leaving him.


Many thanks David

David Elgood (Electrician, Wokingham)
Pain is depressing. Chronic pain is soul-destroying. If you're reading this then that probably means you're like I was: you wake up every morning, and it's all downhill from there. Before you even open your eyes you've already lost the battle with your own body. The rest of the day is spent struggling to do the most menial tasks, and you go to bed knowing the pain will keep you awake for hours.

And so, more shattered than ever, you start the cycle all over again.

And it gets you down. You feel depressed, anxious, even angry--like you've lost control of your life to this terrible force that refuses to leave you alone.

But trust me when I tell you: this can change. It really can.

I spent several years in agony, with pain (child induced) in my neck, back, and all the way down my left leg. I spent some days completely crippled, while others were spent begging the world to end. Enough visits to GPs and Royal Berks to make me feel like a hypochondriac invariably ended up with, "Sorry mate, not our problem." Then a friend recommended The Reading Chiropractor.

And right from day one, life's been on the up.

A quick yank here, a slight twist there, and suddenly I'm a different person. For a start, I can actually walk! Which, I've since discovered, is actually rather a useful skill. I can play games with my son, I can shop without needing to use the trolley as a zimmer frame--I can even go around with the vacuum cleaner (but don't tell my wife)!

David is extremely good at what he does. Not only does he give you full confidence that he knows exactly what he's looking for and how to fix it, but he manages to look after you even after you've walked out his door. Exercises and advice are always readily forthcoming, and he's also very good at instilling discipline, making sure you learn to look after yourself and know your own boundaries. Everything about the experience is exceptional.

Without The Reading Chiropractor--from David himself to the lovely ladies on the front desk who do a grand job of making sure everything's running smoothly--I would still be in the hell I'd occupied for the previous four and a half years, and I can only thank David and the ladies for all they've done for me.

The long and the short of all this is: if you're in pain, give The Reading Chiropractor a try. You owe it to yourself.
Daniel H. (Writer, Reading)
A friend recommended David to help with my recurrent neck and shoulder pain. At the time the area had seized up and i could hardly move but sessions with David eased the pain and stiffness and helped me get back to work quickly. Now i see David once per month and really feel the difference if i miss a session. David is exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful, and the clinic provides a really friendly welcoming atmosphere. Fantastic.
Sarah M. (Reading)
I had my doubts about Chiropractors and I use to think Physiotherapy was always the way forwards (As this was what was pushed forwards to me by physios). However I always had this niggling discomfort across my back that I felt was affecting my sports performance and was always at the back of my mind when I'm just trying to relax. I would stretch regularly and sought out other professionals that was never able to pinpoint was going on or treat it. I heard about David and what a great reputation he has, so I thought I would give him a chance to see what he could do. I was astonished with the outcome. His initial assessments are so thorough that he could tell me everything that was going on with my back, detected the issues and in great detail explain to me what the issues were. We then progressed onto treatment which has made a huge difference. My sporting performance has improved so much that I'm back to hitting PB's (personal bests) and increasing the loads I can lift in the gym. I'm no longer have to wiggle around whilst watching films to relax. David is a true professional, he has a huge passion for his work, excellent people's skill, listens to everything you've got to say, gives a scientific reasoning to everything he is doing and even relates it back professional athletes and how it worked for them. He is the man to go and I will continue to see David for maintenance sessions to make sure I don't revert back and keep hitting new PB's. If you have an issue reading the neck, back, hips, or joints I thoroughly recommend getting David on board.

Regards Geoff
Geoff (Physiotherapy, Earley, Reading)
I have been helped and guided by David for many years, and I can say one thing that I value more than anything else is that David listens to me and how I feel, but most of all is that understanding and interpretation of those feeling every time I visit, and that is a very rare quality these days. I would and do recommend David and his practice to all of my friends and family.
Bill McDonald (Finance, Reading)
Since an accident in my late teens, I have needed the attention of a chiropractor, which I have found to be so helpful to my everyday living.
I am still very active so need occasional adjustments to my bone structure.
David has been my chiropractor since 2006 and has been very helpful not only chiropractic wise but in identifying a mole that needed attention (turned out to be a melanoma) and also in helping to get urgent dental treatment.
I can certainly recommend Davids Chiropractic Skills.
Val (Tilehurst, Reading)
After many physiotherapy sessions for lower back pain with little improvement, I went to see
David. After only 2 or 3 appointments I could move more freely with reduced pain and now only have slight stiffness, which goes after treatment.
I can now also touch my toes which I could never do before!
Irene (Retired, Tilehurst, Reading)
I was recommended by a friend a year ago, because I was having back pain after heavy
lifting at work.
I have found this (Chiropractic at the Reading Chiropractor) has helped me recover, and now I have no problems working.
The clinic has always been efficient, professional and friendly.
I would be happy to pass on that sound recommendation to others.
J. Hopkins (HGV driver, Calcot, Reading)
I have been receiving treatment from David for the past three years.

David has treated me for the pain from the Arthritis in my knees by way of manipulation to my knee joints.

I feel that David has kept me going these past three years. I find the sessions are therapeutic and David continues to promote positive thinking.

Thanks David
Anne (Retired, Reading)
I was in pain for 3 months and went to see David. He helped me so much with my mid back pain and I am finally aware of what was actually wrong with me.

I am so happy with the treatment I’ve received that I will continue until David tells me otherwise
Miss G. Ciupko (Caversham, Reading)
I was searching for a Chiropractician (chiropractor) in the Reading area and by luck got the recommendation for Dr Woodhouse from somebody in a sports centre.

After the first exam and treatment I felt already very happy and confident, as David immediately spotted the problems in my back and neck vertebrae already diagnosed by others (a neurologist with MRI, saying operating or doing nothing), and also a Dr and Ostheopat in Germany who was also very good but extremely difficult to get an appointment within 2 months.

Since then I typically consult David Woodhouse once a month, the problems do not disappear, but it very much relieves the stiffness and the neck and head aches (also migraines) to make you going again. David Woodhouse appears very careful, friendly and after all very competent, what else can a patient expect.
Peter Bechtold (Reading)
After a back operation just over ten years ago, I was still getting back problems. It was at that time that I started as a patient of David’s, since then I have not had any major flair up. This is particularly important for me as I am a keen martial artist and I was concerned prior to seeing David that I may not be able to continue; thanks to David I am still training.
Hadrian Parry (Management, Pangbourne)
Since my son now 4 months old was born he receives treatment for a stiff shoulder and neck. David is always very gentle with him and most times not a single tear is shed.
Eric S. (4 month old)
I started seeing David (at the Reading Chiropractor) when I was pregnant and I don’t know how I would have survived without him. He never only treats the complaint but the person as a whole. I also appreciate that I never felt rushed out the door.
Belinda W. (Reading)
Prior going to visit David (at The Reading Chiropractor) I had migraines and headaches on a daily basis, I developed a ‘buzzing sound’ in my head. This developed itself from a trip to Thorpe Park that damaged by neck, trapping blood vessels supplying the brain back in 2011. I felt tired the majority of the time and often low in mood, due to not feeling like a 20 something year old. This resulted in me having days off work, when suffering on worse days. I had presented at times to A&E in total distress as nothing would shift the pain.

However, after nine months and numerous trips to the GP and lots of tablets that didn’t help I pushed to have a neurology appointment. However, this provided me with relief that there wasn’t anything nasty going on, but again the only answer seemed tablets, but this time with worse side effects, being a nurse I knew how these could affect me and decided against this.

I went to a chiropractor after a recommendation from a colleague at work, I admit I was a bit sceptical, but I was pleasantly surprised and found immediate relief after the session.

I found David after looking for a chiropractor nearer to home, I started seeing David in 2012. He was able to first provide a consultation that outlined what treatment would be best for me and initially how many treatments a week I would need. He is always very professional throughout the treatment and if you have any problems he is always at the end of the phone to call. The receptionists at the clinic are always very helpful and welcoming when attending an appointment.

I started off having three treatments a week working down to one every five weeks at present, I now feel back to my old self and back to a 24 year old who is full of life and get up and go. I’m able to go back to the gym and exercise; I would never have been able to do this prior to my treatment.

I would highly recommend anyone to see David who is thinking that this treatment or would just like advise on their conditions. I would also like to say ‘Thank you’ to David for all his professional help and guidance over the last year.
Rebecca E. (Reading)